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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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you. my happiness depends on you and whatever you decide to do. jolene or michael cohen in this case and that would be quoting dolly parten. trump set the ambush. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. as the city and the country await the special counsel's final report, the president is proving that old habits die hard. he said something brazenly new and undeniably trumpian, that there should be no mueller report whatsoever. misquoting from a right wing news outlet this morning, the
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president wrote new evidence that obama era team at the fbi, doj and cia were working together to spy on and take output. all the way back in 2015. well, the catalyst for his latest outburst, according to the "washington post," was a long debunked conspiracy theory that the fbi infiltrated trump's campaign, something the "post" described as unmitigated nonsense. nonetheless, trump went on to say there should be no mueller report. this was a conflicted investigations in search of a crime. this should never happen to a president again. remember he has a purpose of it creating conspiracy theories, in this case to undermine the whole russia investigation. trump made the false accusation that former president obama had him wire tapped.
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he's promoted the groundless allegation that it was hillary clinton, not his campaign, that colluded with russia. he said the spells counsel was meddling with the elections and propigated the conspiracy theory that cnn, tipped off, presumably by authorities, to the arrest of roger stone. rrs all of this is to discredit the special counsel the moment the report is released. they file a new mem oo in the case of rick gates, having already delayed his sentencing on four occasions, both mueller and gates are requesting another 60-day post ponement, saying he continues to cooperate on several ongoing investigations. a member of the house oversight committee and a staff writer at
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the "atlantic." and executive editor at "bloomberg opinion." and it may be a rational reason for this. crazy like a fox reason. does he hear the foot step oofil report coming and he's trying to put out the word in his crazy way that everything that is catching him in the act of collusion, obstruction, whatever, is all part of a conspiracy to get him from the time he was born? that's basically what he's pushing. your thoughts. >> as you noted in the top of the program everything old is new again. he's been trying to undermine the integrity of the investigation of the people prosecuting it since it began. and i think it's because he's concerned about the possible outcomes that all of this entails to his family, his business, his administration, the transition team, the inauguration. there's not any part of his life as a politician ear businessman
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that this investigation doesn't touch. typically when he's gone on a spree on twitter, flagging everyone in the investigation t is because he hears foot steps and he wants to criticize it as a witch hunt or explain it away. i think what's interesting about some of the events today is yesterday and the day before you had a lot of anticipation in the media that mueller investigation was coming to a conclusion. largely i think recently eyou had one of the senior prosecutors involved in it was leaving mueller's office and it appeared that ribbons were being tied around it. you know there's a request to extend the investigation. as part of that they said there are still several ongoing investigations that would with suggest mueller wants to tie up.
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i think it's still interesting we haven't heard where this will go relative to donald trump jr. and even the president. there was some indications that mueller was not going to put the president under oath. perhaps there's still time to do that. the bottom line is we don't know what's going on internally. but generally the president is a good barometer of when things are heating up because he takes to twitter. >> a lot of noise level we're picking up with this metta data. he aclikes like a guy with a creative ambushes. they're going to believe me and not mueller's report. >> we just voted 420-0 for the mueller report to be public. jim jordan and mark meadows who defend trump if you have one word of criticism, they're voting for this report -- >> why do you think they're
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motivated to say the public deserves to know the truth. >> because they take him at his word. if there's no collusion, there's nothing to hide. trump is surviving for one reason. it has nothing to do with the law, evidence, its to the do with the republican majority. and he has to be careful if he's going to put them in a tough vote and they can't vote for consealing the mueller report. i think he's miscalculating his politics. >> legally all of this is throwing dust in people's faces. does it help? is there a public jury out there that he's working. is the evidence going to bring him down or not? >> so the actual jury would be the senate. the president, if impeached, would be impeached by the congress and the senate would determine whether he's removed from offices. to the extent he's saying it's a
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rigged investigation and that that mueller report will be compromised, that's playing into his base, both with the politics and the republicans in the senate. so there could be battle if the justice department doesn't release the mueller report, so if the senate holds to their word with, they have a report. i don't know how that would come out. it's supposed to be a confidential report from the attorney general. and then the attorney general submits another report to congress. if it seems like he's trying to hide something, that could go all the way to the supreme court. >> well, somebody's hiding stuff because after that take-home exam the president got months ago, we still haven't seen a word from it. anyway, with multiple outlets reporting the special counsel
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report could be delivered imminently. we have several questions raised over this long investigation. for example jerome corsi resisted a plea deal. will he still be charged. what about george nadir? what information did he provide? and what evidence is mueller seeking there? and michael flynn who was quote significant. so what did he provide? and roger stone and what was found there? those are some of the outstanding questions hanging over the probe. so much to askia. number one, is it close, the report? >> it seems like it is wrapping up and seems closer to the end than the beginning. but we just found out today that rick gates is continuic his cooperation. not just with new york prosecutors or d.c. or whatever,
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but with mueller's team. he's answering questions about donations to the trump's inaugural committee, about middle east influence into trump's campaign. this isn't just about russia, right? he's the silent person in the background who had direct visibility into the things his boss was doing throughout the entire campaign. and manafort, i'm convinced, is a linchpin -- >> rick gates and paul manafort, both are meeting with the russians, kilimnik. it's hard to imagine that manafort wasn't part of this, right? >> he was the one member of the campaign to various and it definitely would defy all imagination that he had nothing
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to do with this. and rick gates was at the havana club when he shared the internal polling data just after the dnc convention, just after the platform, the north korean platform was more favorable towards russia. this was a very pivotal moment in the campaign. and the fact he was handing over 75 pages of internal polling data and discussing a plan favorable to russia, it raises questions as to whether manafort 's story is over when it comes to mueller. >> to a prosecutor, that meeting at the sibar stinks to high heaven. paul manafort in the middle of a busy campaign, takes time to go to a cigar bar with a former russian intelligence officer. he gives them proprietary datau
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from the trump campaign and they all leave through separate doors. come on now. >> and why did he give him proprietary campaign data? i think it was probably to suggest donald trump had a good shot at becoming president of the united states. what he was signaling and sharing is this is something they should have to deal with diplomatically and they should line up at the door. >> you've just heard gates is still being intervaued. gates was in the room with the russians. if there was collusion it must have been manafort related. >> and here's why it matters. there is evidence possibly that trump had a policy towards ukrain that did stand up.
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for the party that it stood up for the cold war and regan -- meeting with with a a foreign influence. and on saudi arabia where tom barrack wants to put nuclear reactors in saudi arabia and they have a whole plan to do this because of deals that tom's ran his inaugural committee where gates was a dep oughty. it's mind boggling that you wouldn't have some republicans saying national security matters. >> everything has something to do with trump, the deals he has, and associates he's put up. why is paul manafort became his top guy? >> and there used to be a time where people cared about the country. you would never compromise america's national interest. and we have evidence maybe
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influencing american foreign policy because of a person's personal gain. >> i was there when there were people like regan and tip o'neale who wanted to negotiate with the good russian, gorbachev. paul butler, sir, great vigor here. it does seem to all fall together. its to the do with rick gates talking. he knows what he's talking about and wants to give it to the spelgsz counsel. it looks like and he's got a what are of story to tell. thatted can be the final chapter we're looking at. coming up terror in new zealand. online hate is turning nothing to real-life violence 900 miles away. they spout toxic fear because there is a global market for hate. plus trump 's big defeat.
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>> congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and i have the duty to veto it and i'm very proud to veto it. >> well, the president gets out his veto pen after a dozen senate republicans join in a bipartisan rebuke of him. is trump's own party finally turning on him? party finally turning on him [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ at outback, your steak & lobster wish is our command. steak & lobster is back by popular demand, starting at only $15.99.
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. welcome back to "hardball." many muslims gather for worship. but today they were gathered at the christchurch in new zealand when a man walked in killing terrified worshippers, 49 of them. the man live streaming the massacre drove to the lin wood mosque in christchurch and
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killed more. well, dozens more including small children are being treated for gun shot wounds. they warn the death toll could rise. the suspect a 20-year-old man from australia has been charged with murder and made his first court appearance a short time ago. authorities are investigating an parent manifesto he left behind fill would white supremacist views. as police try to determine what role they play. the prime minister of new zealand condemned the terrorist attack. >> many of those who will have been directly affected by the shooting may be migrants to new zealand. they may even be refugees here. they have chosen to make new zealand their home and it is their home. they are us. the person who has perpetuated this violence against us is not.
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they have no place in new zealand. there is no place in new zealand for such acts of extreme and unprecedented violence which is clear this act was. >> in the united states, civil rights groups have been seeing an uptick of hate motivated crimes of late. according the fbi the number increased for the third consecutive year. the counsel for islamic relations has seen an uptick of muslim bias. the gold star father and former rabbi at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh, remember that. when a gunman entered their temple, killing 11 people. this is such a beautiful country. i was just there with part of my family, wife and sister and brother in law. it's a quiet country, rural, butte farms.
4:20 pm
peept that are really nice with you. a little diversity in christchurch. but it's not crowded with border wars and fights and ethnicity. they went after this small islamic group mainly from india. >> my heart felt condolences to the victims of this heinous murder. to all muslims at large and people of other faiths as well i was saddened to hear the tragedy and it is that kind of peaceful communities that these terrorists seek where there is less challenge so that they can maximize their victims. one quick caution to all faith
4:21 pm
communities today is that please, please protect your places of worship. protect to the max. protect your gatherings. they do not distinguish between one faith or the other. today is muslim. yesterday was my brothers and sisters and tree of life in pittsburgh. prior to that it was the african-american christians in the church. prior to then it was sikh brothers and sisters. it is that -- this hate is disguised under the name of supremacy. one quick caution that i wish to leave you with this thought and that is in it this can division and hate, there is a foreign hand. our adversaries wish to sew this
4:22 pm
hate and division so that we will continue to fight this for many years to come. >> rabbi, thank you for coming on because this must bring back terrible, terrible memories. the hatred of the other is really what that's about. and the other is anyone different from you. different background, different religious belief. but you combine hatred and you line it up with fire power. bullet after bullet by just pulling a trigger a few times. it's not like punching a couple guys because you're mad at them. we're talking about the ability to walk in, blow away 41 people, drive to another place of worship, shoot seven more. the deliberation of this but it doesn't take any guts to do it,
4:23 pm
you just take away the guns. >> i agree with everything mr. khan said. you're one of my superheroes. and i appreciate all the sacrifices your family have made for this country. and i hope at some point in the future, you and i can go arm in arm. it takes hatred and guns and you can see the damage it does. i was devastated to hear the news coming from new zealand. pittsburgh, squirrel hill in pittsburgh, such a lovely community. it will never happen to us. new zealand. everybody talks about it being such a wonderful country, which is, but it can happen there. it can happen anywhere. we have to be diligent, watch each other's backs and appreciate people for being people. you're right, chris, this is
4:24 pm
about hatred. people who are different. you and i aren't so different and you and i share lot. >> the counsel on american islam islamic relations. >> we ask our political leaders to address the growing menace of islamaphobia and hate that has been perpetrated by political leaders, by ideologues, by people who want to run for public office, by people who run for public office off the backs of immigrants, blacks, jews, and all minorities. we hold them accountable because their words matter. your policies matter.
4:25 pm
>> well,er president trump who condemned the attack seemed to minimize the threat of white nationalism generally. let's watch him here. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. i guess if you look at what happened in new zealand perhaps that's the case. i don't know enough about it yet. they're just learning about the personpeople in volved. but it's a terrible thing. >> why do you think he plays it down? >> this is nothing new. this is political expediancy. he will exploit anything to benefit himself. this is -- he's talking on behalf of his base. this is what this terrorist in new zealand wrote in his manifesto o. he says trump is the symbol of
4:26 pm
renewed white identity and common purpose. >> if somebody comes into the country without papers and killed somebody in san francisco, the victims are all angels. and i understand why he does that. but in the case where a white nationalist kill all kinds of people, it's like it's an isolated case of a guy who quote has problems. i'm not sure what that meant. a dangerous way of phrasing it, i thought. who knows whautwhat he was doin with that phrase. >> and the rhetoric is important coming from one of the most powerful people in the world. his words matter. i don't know enough about the situation. you know enough to tell that it's wrong. this is wrong. the killing of people in new
4:27 pm
zealand is wrong, white supremacy is wrong. rirt not a matter of good people on both sides. and the rhetoric, the statements have to be stronger from our leaders and the people who enable our leaders and let them get away with -- this show is called "hardball." i see this as wifal ball, the statements from our leaders. how hard is it to realize that? >> we have a global market now for hatred. during the 2016 campaign candidate trump repeatedly talked about the threat from the muslim community, he was very direct about this. because the faith itself he said was awful. he threatened to implement a ban on people because they're muslim. >> look, there's something going on, the muslims. the muslim community has to help us baz they're not helping.
4:28 pm
the muslims have to work with us. they know what's going on. we have to look at the muslims and we have to do something. we cannot stand by and be the stupid people while our country is destroyed. i think islam hates us. there's something, there's something there that's a tremendous hatred there. we have to get to the bottom of it. there is an unbelievable hatred of us. >> how wrong he is. there are over 10,000 muslim soldiers serving in the united states army that have taken the oath to defend the constitution and this country. there are hundreds of first responders in new york that responds to the call of duty without regards to religion and all. muslims are physicians, they are
4:29 pm
in various professions serving most patriotically in this nation. how wrong he is. like on every issue. he is a ship without rutter. that is why we see all these investigations, all this corruption that is coming together now on surface so that this nation knows now where we are headed. my only concern is how would we recover from this hate and decision? >> well, we're talking about it. that's the start. thank you for your contribution to this country. you seem like a great guy. howard, five minutes from our buddy here from squirrel hill. >> we went to the same high school, not at the same time. >> i'm sure you were both "a" students. ahead, the first veto is by
4:30 pm
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the best a man can get. gillette. ♪ welcome back to "hardball." president trump has issued the first veto of his presidency. one day after the republican-controlled senate delivered an embarrassesing rebuke on his signature issue,
4:34 pm
passing a resolution to determine his national emergency declaration at the southern border. >> i will be issuing a veto of this reckless resolution. and i have to in particular thank the republican, strong wonderful people, the republican senators that were on our side and on the side of border security. they were very curages yesterday and i appreciate that very much. congress's vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a denial of reality. congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and i have the duty to veto it. >> a dozen republican senators crossed party lines to vote with the democrats on the measure blocking the national emergency declaration. the congress may have found the
4:35 pm
breaking point. noting the mere act of defying mr. trump foreshadows potential new difficulty. they will vote to override the veto later this month. but it's expected to fall short of the 2/3 majority needed to override. formerly known as a republican and politics editor. formerly mr. republican. democrats fall in love, republicans fall in line. are republicans falling out of love finally? is this a one off or the beginning of something big? >> i think it's a one off. much like during the immigration debates over president obama's executive orders. at the end of the day, your voters in 20 went want to know
4:36 pm
where you are in policy. a lot of the republicans will still be running on donald trump's border security agenda. the bigger issue, the bigger vulnerability for the president is under law with this veto that in fact he lied to his supporters the american people about mexico paying for it. this debate over executive authority, while exceedingly important is not likely to be a political issue in 2020. >> do you think any voter knowing that there's nationalism -- we call it patriotism on our side, they call it nationalism on their side. that they honestly thinks the mexican government would survive a day if they build a giant wall keeping their people in like the east germans and the russians did. do you really think republican
4:37 pm
voters are that dumb that they'd believe such a thing? >> i think trump has cultivated such loyalist, he's defined the issue for the voters and they've accepted it. if the president is running on border security and democrats are saying we're not there with the president on border security, i don't know who wins the base in 2020. >> you got elected by republicans for a while there and you think they're as soft headed, as naive to buy another country will accept our majesty, the goliath of the north and bow to us and say yes, we'll build a wall and pay for it. that's insane? >> you're breaking down the trump coalition there.
4:38 pm
what put trump over the line is not the people who believe that. it's who i call the for profit republicans because they knew he would put green dollars in the back of their pocket. yes, the base is the base and i think they believe donald trump. the republicans have been adamantly with this guy. and they stick with him as doing a good job. >> right. >> they're going to stick with them because it's always congress's fault. they believe in his principals. they just think he's surrounded by a bunch of weaklings. if you think of the main principals, it was get rid of obama care and it if build the wall. he failed to do it with complete
4:39 pm
control of the house and senate. >> i grew up watching boxing every friday night. we loved boxing. god, "sugar" ray robinson. it was everybody and our hero came along, muhammad ali. but to get to him, he had to beat a guy who was unbeatable. sonny liston. and nobody could beat him and so he couldn't beat anybody. there's going to be a point where he can't win anymore. he's lost two in a eroon yemen the declaration. three defeats this year. so you don't see coming a crack in the wall. >> the crack in the wall isn't with his base. the crack is with the republicans in the house and the senate. make some of the principal decisions you saw this year.
4:40 pm
that's what reamy happened. this is a process thing, not a principal thing. they just don't want a wall. >> don't you have to have some victories? north korea looks like joke. and you got to wonder don't they say i want to see white smoke go up, some hope? there's no sign of victory from this guy anymore. >> it's not that the republicans are breaking rank. but it forecasts a week with in hand of the president of the united states. just take the democratic controlled house. any of the president's legislative success has to happen with the blessing of pelosi and house democrats. i think the answer is no.
4:41 pm
the president could reach next november in a very weakened state. >> the goose egg, as we say in sports, add up. and at some point you become a loser. up next 2020 presidential candidate cory booker says a woman will be on the ticket next year either way. no matter what. and another candidate reportedly has texas republicans quaking in their boots. s texas republicansn eithr boots. mimini was born extraordinary, with more power for more fun. mini was born to do the only thing we ever wanted to do. drive. to hit start and just go. fast and far. around town and around hairpins. to leave everyone in the dust, and leave rubber on the road. because mini was born to drive. drive for yourself at the mini born to drive sales event. special offers at your local mini dealer.
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welcome back to "hardball." the 2020 presidential campaign is in full swing with candidates campaigning across iowa today and four more this coming weekend.
4:45 pm
beto o'rourke isn't going to release how much money he's raised so far. >> can you release any of your fund raising figures over the past 48 hours? >> i can't right now. let me answer the question even better. i choose not to. >> they've waited until they raised at least a million to release their numbers. bernie sanders announced a whopping 6.fievl million in the first 24 hours. kamala harris 1.5 million. and jay inslee, the governor of owashington state announced after 72 hours he'd raised a million. which candidate is trump most scared about facing? h candidate scared about facing? h, i'll loo. lisa jones! hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? laughs/umm.. and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy?
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♪ i'll just say whoever it is, i'll take them on. whoever it is, i'll take him or her on. i think it's going to be tough for somebody but it makes no difference to me whatsoever. >> that was president trump asserting he could beat anybody. while top democrats and aids have tried to assure their boss that the former vice president is doomed.
4:50 pm
aids told trump he shouldn't be nervous as long as biden is pulled to the leftf of the primary. and adrian elrod, senior advisor of hillary clinton 2016 campaign. why do you think the president is afraid of a biden? >> number one polls show that vice president biden in a head-to-head against president trump showed he would win. secondly he knows, donald trump knows joe biden is one of the only candidates that could make a major play with white worki class voters. he can reclaim some of those rust belt areas that we lost in 2016. trump knows this. >> just for those that don't follow politics, there may be a few watching, why would those people like biden? the people the president's afraid will vote for them? >> first all of these folks have known him for a long time.
4:51 pm
they know that. number two he's from a region that's a very white working class region. he does very well in pennsylvania. and a lot of these white working class voters voted for president obama in 2012. we lost him in 2016. they could be up for grabs in somebody like vice president biden is leading the ticket. >> why do you think the president is afraid of biden? he's said he's more afraid of biden than beto. >> i agree completely with the analysis that adrian just said. it's not just a political calculation. biden is from scranton, i believe and that's a key state in trump's coalition. it strikes the heart of his fan base. biden speaks their language in a way that hillary clinton wasn't quite able to. i think this as much ego as political.
4:52 pm
>> it's undeniably, clearly one of the people he came from. he is not a celebrity, not a member of the elite, he doesn't hangout with celebrities from hollywood, he doesn't look like any of the clintons. no matter how fancy his talk is about foreign policy, he's clearly still joe from scranton. i think that's what wins. let's talk about beto. the president took a shot at his kinetic manner of campaigning. he's going for the kill already. there he is. very dramatic public performing. >> i was sort of struck with that. it felt like he was scrambling for something. he was reaching. i wonder if he hasn't read enough clips on beto. it felt thin compared to how vicious some of his insults are towards other candidates.
4:53 pm
>> it wasn't like calling him an indian name or something like that. cursory or he's feeling i can get this guy and his animation. he's too animated for the president. >> donald trump, anybody he sees as threat, he give as nickname to. joe biden, probably beto as well is going to have plenty of nicknames by the time this is all over with. >> thought someone should run against trump because republicans ought to be given a choice. he's a strong loyal base and it's hard to beat a sitting president. but to have a conversation of what it's important to be a conservative i think is important. statistics say if you get challenged in in your primaries, you're probably going to lose. weaken trump for the general? >> i'm not sure what jeb's up to. i think republicans, even as a
4:54 pm
democrat i'm saying this. they have a chance to have a choice in this primary. i have but not in this race. >> a long time ago? >> exactly. i think republicans want to have a choice a it debate would probably weaken trump since he tends to be -- >> in a room, ten feet apart, kasich? who could stand up and say nice try, buddy? >> mitt romney would be formidable. i think hogan would do well too. >> if beto manages to win the nomination next summer in milwaukee, can he carry texas? >> i don't know. it would be a very expensive bet. i can tell you when i talk to republicans in the state, it's not just the presidential question, it's the vice president question. they're targeting six
4:55 pm
congressional seats in the state of texas. the difference between the republicans feeling good and worrying about armageddon is whether o'rourke is on the national ticket. >> if he's a running mate, helps. i'll be in iowa monday to sit down with one of the presidential 2020 candidates. e e presidential 2020 candidates [farmers bell] (driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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i am very confident that
4:59 pm
this election we will make history because no matter what, i'm looking you in the eye and saying this. there will be a woman on the ticket. i don't know if it's the vice president's position or the president's position but if i have my way, there will be a woman on the ticket. all right. >> well, that was senator cory booker oof new jersey today, stating his desire to see history made in 2020. i'll sit down with cory booker out there in iowa with in davenport. there's a lot to cover in this interview from impeachment, all kinds of stuff about trump and questions about gender and race. does it have to be diverse? have to be. and then the attack on democrats as the attack on socialism. you're not going to want to miss it.
5:00 pm
cory booker plays "hardball" monday night. and a special town hall event. be sure to tune in early and that's "hardball" for now. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. >> tonight on "all in". >> clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> horror in new zealand. a white nationalist terrorist attacks two mosques, killing 49 people during friday prayer. >> i just don't understand why someone would hurt us like this and in such a way. >> reporter: tonight reaction to the atrocity and the right-wing extremism behind it. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very serious problems.


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